What We Do

At Ultralingua, we make software for people who love languages. We focus on high quality consumer applications for mobile devices, and offer our linguistic APIs to partners in a variety of fields.

Our editor team creates and maintains Ultralingua dictionaries, keeping them up to date with adding new entries and additional context. We also license dictionaries from publishers like HarperCollins and Larousse Editorial. Most of our dictionaries come with advanced reference and learning tools developed to address the verb conjugation, vocabulary memorization, and grammatical challenges language learners face.

Who We Are

Our team consists of software developers, designers, linguists, and researchers. While we differ in our specialties, we share a passion for creating apps that people love to use. Whether we’re working on a reference tool, a game, or an API, we get excited about solving problems for our users with true attention to detail.

Why We’re Different

What sets Ultralingua apart is our passion for making software people love to use. We obsess over every pixel in our user interfaces, the quality of every word in our linguistic content, and every step in the process of purchasing and using the things we make. We listen carefully to each email, tweet, and comment about what we do so we can make our products better over time.

Our Partners and Clients

Ultralingua also provides solutions to corporations worldwide. Our products are used by HarperCollins, the Government of Canada, the UN, and the Peace Corps. We also have distribution and licensing agreements with such corporations as Apple Computer, Hachette Multimedia, Nettrekker, and TextHelp.